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In the tumultuous roller coaster ride of life, one has little time to pause and reflect… but reflect we must. Quo Vadis? Where are we going? For we, who were privileged to study at Topiwala National Medical College and BYL Nair Hospital, the answer is crystal clear. We are going places and in double quick time, thanks to the wonderful all round education that we received at our Alma Mater. Each of us can conjure up special and treasured moments from the times that we spent in the classrooms, the laboratories, the wards, the common rooms and the hostel. Those were heady days of triumphs and defeats, of laughter and crying, of academics and fun. The mix was perfect and most of us used our sojourn to become good doctors and above all good human beings.

This site is dedicated to the fond memories of TNMC...

Welcome to TNMC Global Alumni !

- Dr. Eric Borges (Chief Trustee, TGA)
Gratitude from TNMC and B Y L Nair Hospital for COVID Related Donations

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Students at TNMC doing Undergrad, Post-grad or Super-specialty studies are eligible to register on this site.

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President’s Message

The main objectives of the TNMC Alumni movement have been two-fold: firstly, to bring all the past TNMCites on a common interactive platform and secondly, to do our best for the betterment of the Alma Mater. Till date almost 1200 TNMCites have registered on the site and have been receiving messages and interacting with their fellow TNMCites.

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Secretary’s Message

It's my pleasure to present to you a brand new Website (www.tnmcalumni.com). I am sure you will agree this website is our umbilical connection. It connects the organizing committee with the esteemed membership, as it does one alumnus with the other. It keeps us up to date with the happenings of the alumni movement. It flashes our messages for one another.

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About college

TNMC was started during the heady days of the independence struggle in 1921 and was appropriately named as National Medical College. Through a donation by Mr. M N Desai Topiwala, the college was upgraded in 1946 and then received recognition for the MBBS course. It was then taken over by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and since then the progress graph of the college has been going up steadily.

Today, with the infrastructure of the 1300 bedded BYL Nair Charitable Hospital behind it, TNMC makes an ideal breeding ground for budding medicos of the 21st century. It provides training courses in more than 25 different medical and allied branches, including 9 super speciality courses.

The college, with an annual budget of 7 crores, has more than 250 senior teaching staff members who are assisted by 400 resident doctors.

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