About TGA - India Chapter

Vision & Mission

Every alumnus acknowledges the role played by TNMC in honing her/his professional expertise. Every alumnus knows that s/he is what s/he is only due to her/his alma mater. Every alumnus wants to maintain an umbilical connection with his mother institution. All alumni want to keep in touch with all other alumni.

The TGA mission can be described in just two words - care and share. Care for the college, its present crop of students and the attached hospital. And sharing the alumni resources with college and hospital.

Promoting fellowship amongst alumni is of course integral to the movement. Geographical distances have separated the members of the alumni family. One of the objectives of the association is to demolish these distances and bring the alumni together.

Global Presence

TNMC alumni are not confined just to Mumbai, Maharashtra or India. They are spread all over the globe. Where ever they have pitched their tent, they have made a name for themselves, and indeed for their alma mater.

The United Kingdom has a strong presence of TNMC alumni. Their organization is called TONAMEC - UK. Ably lead by prominent TNMCites like Dr DushyantMohla, Dr AsgarBhanji et al, they have been organizing regular reunions and collecting funds to help their mother institution. There are some alumni settled in other parts of Europe, but they operate under TONAMEC - UK umbrella.

The United States of America is the other country where hundreds of ex TNMCites have settled. They have also been organizing reunions in various parts of the country. They have also been extending their helping hand to strengthen TNMC.

Middle East Asia has a strong contingent of TNMC alumni. They are in the process of organizing themselves into a unit.

Additionally, Australia, New Zealand, African countries etc have a sizeable number of TGA members. It is a part of TGA mission to enrope all alumni into its fold.

Certificate 80G under Section 12AA(1)(b)(i)

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