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  • May 04, 2019

    Donations - May 02, 2019

    In keeping with the tradition of 'Care and Share', TGA made three important donations on May 02, 2019: 1. A 3D Laparoscopy Cemera System, courtesy Dr Rakesh Sinha Foundation, was donated to the Gynaec department. This equipment worth Rs 33 Lakh will help young and budding Gynaecologists in learning finer points of endoscopic Gynaec surgeries. It will also provide the poor patient with a technological advancement that is not available in public hospitals. Incidentally, this is first 3D camera technology that's available anywhere in Gynaec department of any public hospital. In fact, it's not available even in majority of corporate and trust hospitals. 2. Important medical books worth Rs One Lakh were donated to the library courtesy Drs Padma and Rashmi Shah. 3. An EL Probe, diam 1 × 605 mm, was donated to the Urology department. The commitment to Care and Share, thus, continues unabated.

  • April 04, 2019

    Golden Jubilee Reunion - Batch 1969

    The 1969 batch celebrated its completion of 50 years since it joined TNMC. Alumni of the said batch came from all over the globe to participate in the event. The reunion began at TNMC auditorium on Thursday, February 07, 2.00 pm. That function was followed by an outstation (Lonavala) reunion for two days.

  • February 21, 2019

    ‘Share and Care’ Continues at TNMC and Nair Hospital

    # Donation of Paediatric Ureteroscope to Urology department # Donation of Paediatric OGDscope to Gastroenterology department # Commissioning of 4 dialysis machines at Nephrology department (courtesy TGA - USA chapter) # Distribution of 5 scholarships of Rs 40,000 each to deserving students (courtesy batch 1967) # Donation of 4 Infusion Pumps to Cardio-thoracic Surgery department # Distribution of 120 white coats with TGA emblem to 1st MBBS students

  • February 06, 2012

    Computer Printers donated to Library

    Two highly advanced computer printers donated to the TNMC library.

  • December18, 2011

    Reunion 2011 (MIG Club)

    More than 350 attended. Fun-filled evening for the alumni.

  • December17, 2011

    Inauguration Medicine Seminar Hall

    A fully revamped and completely equipped 66 seat Medicine Seminar Hall was rededicated to TNMC.

  • December17, 2011

    Reunion 2011 (TNMC Auditorium)

    College function of Reunion 2011 was organised at the auditorium. More than 250 attended. Teachers and meritorious students felicitated. Scholarships distributed.

  • September 05, 2011

    Donation to Pathology Dept.

    A Trinocular Microscope (1000 magnification) with digital camera and relevant software attachments donated to Pathology department. Inaugurated by ex. HOD Dr I M Vora, in presence of the Dean and TGA office bearers.

  • August 15, 2011

    TGA - US Chapter

    TNMC Global Alumni Association - US Chapter was formally launched with Dr Hemant Panchal from Chicago, IL as its first President.

  • August 13, 14 and 15, 2010

    Reunion 2010 in the USA

    Held at The Westin, New Port, Jersey City, NJ. Attended by more than 285 alumni. TGA US Chapter formally launched. Pictures can be viewed in Photo Gallery.

  • March 15, 2010

    Donation of Six Channel ECG Machine

    A latest six channel ECG machine worth Rs 70,000 donated to Cardiology department courtesy Sun Pharmaceuticals.

  • December 18, 2009

    Reunion 2009

    12 ex teachers felicitated, an LCD projector worth 35 thousand donated to Biochemistry dept, Hearing Aids worth 25 thousand donated to Audiology dept, scholarships worth 50 thousand given to meritorious and deserving students.

  • September 04, 2009


    A new section was commissioned in TNMC library, which housed six computer stations giving access to most of the top academic journals of medical field. 'Was inaugurated by Dr Sanjay Oak, Dean, KEM hospt. TGA donated all the hardware required for the purpose. It happened to be the founder's day of the TNMC as well.

  • April 12, 2009

    Symposium on Obesity

    TGA and NutritionVista.com came together to organise a symposium on "Obesity and Chronic Illnesses in India: Implications and Outlook". Dr Sunil Jhangiani (1974 batch), founder NutritionVista, was the co-convenor. More than 160 delegates attended. Pictures available on 'Photo Gallery'.

  • February 09, 2009

    Reunion Banquet Dinner

    The deferred banquet function of the Reunion 2008 was held on February 08, 2009. More than 225 alumni attended. Many teachers attended the function too. Fun, frolic and fellowship were the highlights of the evening. Dr Narendra Garach was felicitated for being the chief anaesthetist at the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's CABG surgery.

  • December 13, 2008

    Reunion 2008

    Held at TNMC Auditorium. Keynote speakers were Dr Dushyant Mohla and Dr Rashid Merchant. Deans, teachers and meritorious students were felicitated. All alumni received a smartly designed T-shirt as free gift. Approximately 260 attended.

  • August 24, 2008

    Inauguration of Renovated TNMC Hostel at Haji Ali

    This project was courtesy TONAMEC - UK. Dr Stephen Pereira, who donated 12 Lakh Rs in memory of his late father, was the guest of honour. Dr Dushyant Mohla, Dr Asgar Bhanji, Dr Jagdish Shah and their team of TONAMEC members mobilised these funds

  • August 19, 2008

    Autism Centre at Nair Hospt

    Inauguration of Autism centre, run by Psychiatry department. TGA donated roughly 3 Lakh Rs (courtesy 1982 batch) to bring up the said dept for poor children suffering from Autism

  • December 2007

    Reunion 2007

    Held at TNMC auditorium in December, teachers and meritorious students felicitated, 450 attended. Renovated and upgraded Anatomy Museum (courtesy Dr K C Mehta) dedicated to TNMC, inaugurated by Shri Uddhav Thackeray.

  • August 2007

    London Meet

    A delegation of Alumni headed by Dr Ajit Desai, President, TGA, attended the global meet of TNMC Alumni at London. 108 alumni members attended the reunion. The meet offered an opportunity to connect with the international group of alumni. The meet also raised a substantial sum of donation (approximately Rs 24 Lakh) for the alma mater. Once the TGA has the permission by govt. of India to accept foreign donations, these donations will be remitted to association's bank account. Dr Asgar Bhanji (President, TONAMEC), Dr Dushyant Mohla (Executive Organising Secretary) and their band of dedicated team members worked tirelessly to make the reunion truly memorable.

  • July 2007

    Staff Room Renovation

    Renovation and up gradation of the Staff Room with LCD TV, Refrigerator and Desk-Top Computer, internet connection, new furniture and new fixtures.

  • May 2007

    Dr I M Mehta Memorial Anatomy Dissection Hall

    Inaugurated the state-of-the-art Dr I M Mehta Memorial Anatomy Dissection Hall with complete Audio-Visuals and Projection Facilities (Laptop Computer included), courtesy 1981 batch

  • March 2007

    Dr K N Dastoor Surgical Seminar Room

    Inaugurated the new Dr K N Dastur Surgical Seminar Room, complete with hi-tech Audio-Visual Facilities

  • February 2007

    Donation of Laptop

    Donated a Laptop computer to the Surgery Dept, courtesy Dr Shashank Parekh

  • January 2007

    Girls' Common Room

    Renovated and upgraded the Girl's Common Room

  • December 2006

    Reunion 2006

    Reunion 2006 in Mumbai (College Auditorium and Jade Gardens, Nehru Centre), more than 600 alumni attended, past Deans, teachers and meritorious students felicitated

  • December 2006

    Donation of LCD Projector

    Donated an LCD Projector to the Pharmacology Dept, courtesy Dr Neel Anand

  • October 2006

    Boys' Common Room

    Renovated and upgraded the Boy's Common Room

  • September 2006

    New TGA Office

    TGA office shifted to college building, ground floor

  • August 2006

    Renovation of Anatomy Lecture Hall

    Renovated and upgraded Anatomy Lecture Hall with Audio-Visual LCD Projection system and a Laptop computer

  • July 2006

    Donation of Laptop

    Donated a Laptop to the Dept of Medicine, courtesy Dr Megha Venkatraman

  • May 2006

    Donation of Ventilator

    Donation of a ventilator to the hospital

  • April 2006

    Donation of Desktop Computer

    Donation of a desktop computer to Forensic Medicine department.

  • March 2006

    Donation of Laptops

    Donation of two laptop computers to the college.

  • March 2006

    Donation of LCD Projector

    Donation of an LCD multimedia projector to the college

  • March 2006

    Research and Poor Patients' Fund

    Donations to local research society and poor patients fund

  • February 2006

    Mini Auditorium

    Construction of a sixty five seater mini auditorium for Pharmacology department - inaugurated by shri Dattaji Salvi, Mayor, Mumbai

  • February 2006

    Reading Room for RMOs

    Construction of a reading room in new RMO quarters - inaugurated by Mr Nihchal Israni, MD, Blue Cross Labs.

  • January 2006

    Renovation of Physiology Lecture Hall

    Renovation of Physiology lecture hall - inaugurated by Dr Sanjay Oak, dean, TNMC

  • December 2005

    Renovation of Anatomy Lecture Hall

    Renovation of Anatomy lecture hall - inaugurated by Dr M S Kekre, ex-dean TNMC

  • December 2005

    Reunion 2005

    Reunion organised at the Grand Intercontinental, Mumbai - no of attendees 700

  • December 2005

    Reunion 2005

    Reunion organised at the college, past deans and teachers felicitated Lectures and visits by alumni organized Etc

  • July 2005

    Boston Meet

    A delegation of Alumni headed by Dr Rajeev Walavalkar, Vice President, attended the global meet of TGA at Boston in July 2005. The meet offered an opportunity to connect with the international group of alumni. The meet also raised a substantial sum of donation for the alma mater, albeit in pledges. Once the TGA has the permission by govt. of India to accept foreign donations, these donations will be remitted to association's bank account.

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